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D95356 Boys 0-9M 3 Piece Pant Set

D95356 Boys 0-9M 3 Piece Pant Set

SKU: D95356

Introducing the adorable D95356 Boys 0-9M 3 Piece Pant Set from Duck Duck Goose! This wholesale package includes a cozy pant creeper, a charming body suit, and an embroidered bib featuring the "New Here Animal" design. Made for little girls aged 0-9 months, this set is perfect for keeping the little one snug and stylish. The cute and practical design makes it an ideal addition to any baby clothing inventory. Made with high-quality materials, this 3 piece pant set is sure to be a hit among parents and caretakers looking for quality clothing for their little ones.

Size 0-9M  $5.25

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