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BK1000  6 Pc Health Care Set

BK1000 6 Pc Health Care Set

SKU: BK1000

Introducing the BK1000 6 Piece Health Care Set, perfect for your customers who are looking for quality health care supplies. This kit includes a Flex Tip thermometer, Nail Clippers, Nasal Aspirator, Medicine Dropper, Medicine Spoon - all BPA free - and a Designer Travel case for easy storage and transportation. The Flex Tip thermometer ensures accurate readings while the Nail Clippers help keep nails neat and tidy. The Medicine Dropper and Spoon are perfect for administering medication to little ones.  The Nasal Aspiator will effectively remove fluids & liquids from the nose. This Health Care Set is a must-have for any household, and a great addition to your wholesale inventory.

Price ($1.50)

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